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Epoch A3 Epoch Журнал Изменений

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Файлы клиента 
Серверные файлы
Список изменений

[Added] Metal Floors as upgrade in-place option for wood floors. 
[Added] Gender selection screen improvements. 
[Added] New interaction system. 
[Added] Persistent wood and metal spike traps. 
[Added] New custom 3x wide hesco type barrier. 
[Added] New custom tank trap. 
[Added] Updated version of the Fishing Rod. Reel was to small. 
[Changed] Made wood ramp shorter by about 30% and slightly reduced height of wood towers and stairs. 
[Changed] Refine ghost preview base building snap checks. 
[Changed] Players now start with a Quartz radio by default. 
[Changed] Overhaul of secure storage system to make it faster. 
[Fixed] Selection ring now correctly shows damage/decay level of target when build mode is disabled. 
[Fixed] Was unable to use cursorTarget underwater, fixed using new custom made function. 
[Fixed] NPC item trades that cannot fit in the players inventory will be placed at the feet of the player. 
[Fixed] Not loosing Stamina while swimming. 
[Fixed] Removed extra roadway on top of columns. 
[Fixed] Error Zero divisor in client side master loop. 
[Fixed] .rpt error after gutting animal. 

[Added] Documentation on server core framework functions and hive calls. 
[Added] muzzle_snds_338_sand to loot and pricing tables. 
[Added] Client side master loop is now fully config (CfgMasterLoop) based. 
[Added] Ability to fully change default player loadouts via CfgEpochServer configs: 
(defaultGoggles, defaultHeadgear, defaultBackpack, defaultVestFemale, defaultVestMale, defaultUniformFemale, defaultUniformMale, itemsInContainers, weaponsInContainers, normalMagazines, weaponsAndItems) 
[Changed] Increased reverse token check timeout from 90 to 180 seconds. 
[Fixed] Dynamic traders did not correctly track the stored vehicle count and limits. 
[Fixed] Force trader data save to save when loading starter items. 
[Fixed] Added private array to all Epoch Event scripts due to feedback. 
[Fixed] Removed forced weather sync on server startup from server init phase so weather changes are now solely dependent on Epoch Events weather script. 
[Fixed] EPOCH_fnc_returnConfigEntry and V2 functions did not use defaults properly. 
[Info] Server pack Tools folder now contains InstalEpoch.cmd that is an updated version of the command line download Epoch client files download script for steam workshop. 
[Info] Removed old .bikey and added new one for 0350. 

Build 53  
[Fixes] Typo in server side AH event handler code and repacked a3_server_settings.pbo.

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